Being socially responsible is a part of who we are and how we do our business. We aim to provide useful products and services, to provide jobs and development opportunities for our communities, and to gain satisfaction through meaningful work. We make a difference by acting on the values and principles of our societies and we inspire others to do so.

At SFSP, we anticipate and reduce threats caused by environmental changes or natural disasters, and we are well adapted to significant social changes. We contribute to a more sustainable society by means of value and support to our consumers, supply chains, and stakeholders. We are keen to identify ways they can improve our impacts on the people and places we work and live in, and thereby become more valuable and valued members of society.

We promote accountability and transparency at all levels, thus, promoting responsibility.

We treat individuals with respect; and make efforts to help members of vulnerable groups.

We Providing just, safe and favorable conditions to workers.

At SFSP, we Identify and improve environmental impacts of our operations, including the resource use of natural resources and waste disposal.

Practicing accountability and fairness in dealings with other businesses.

At SFSP, we are committed to continuous improvement – ongoing learning, process review and innovative thinking that foster new initiatives;and better practices. Our environmental programs evolve to meet today’s changing needs while; protecting resources for future; generations.