Entrance Matting System

Entrance mats Reduces dirt and moisture and are perfectly suited for the busiest areas Their high dirt absorption rate and slip-resistant rubber backing make these mats the perfect solution for use in business entrances, receptions and where great levels of pedestrian traffic is causing dirt and moisture.

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Nexus Entrance matting systems provides heavy duty entrance mats composed of aluminum profiles with a carpet, brushes or rubber inserts. The combined actions of these materials perform as a dirt barrier preserving the cleanliness of the facility’s flooring.

Our durable matting systems provide the most suitable solution for removing, absorbing and retaining dirt and moisture. Our mats are manufactured from high quality raw materials to withstand heavy traffic in the busiest areas of each facility.

Our matting systems are easily maintained and serviced, and are built to last longer. Unlike other kinds of matting, Nexus entrance mats are very comfortable and silent. They has been designed to avoid problems with heels and are suitable for wheeled traffic such as wheelchairs, babies prams and pushchairs.

NEXUS Entrance Matting system is engineered to withstand heavy footfall, our range can be used in airports, shopping centers, supermarkets, department stores, cinemas, universities, healthcare centers, schools and universities, and is ideal for applications where performance under the severest of traffic conditions is required.