Phenolic Partition Systems

CUBIXphenolic compartment and partition systems are manufactured and customized to meet the precise needs of simple to complicated projects with its top-notch finish, quality of material and within a timely delivery. A complete solution with a wide selection of colors and textures are available. Our panels are manufactured from Black Phenolic covered with HPL panels to withstand harsh utilization conditions, while accessories are installed in stainless-steel finish; Gravity hinges, indicators Rosette, Lock set, Knob, Coat Hook, Pedestal leg, tissue holder, Stainless Steel brackets and channels, Stainless steel Strips.

CUBIX phenolic compartment and partition systems provide strength, durability and design flexibility. These compartments offer 40 standard color selections and a choice of finishes.

Our systems are suitable for high traffic public buildings, malls, entertainment centers, gyms and sports, educational and healthcare, sports facilities, etc..