NEXUS offers a comprehensive solutions for the construction industry ranging from Expansion Joint Covers and Fire Barriers to Entrance Matting Systems, and Wall and Floor Profiles, etc... The range of products of NEXUS are manufactured according to most common international standards to meet the requirements of commercial, residential, governmental, transportation, healthcare, and educational projects. In addition to its wide array of profiles and variety of finishes, NEXUS provides the technical expertise with its qualified and dedicated team of engineers and industry-experts in the field. NEXUS range of products is manufactured from high quality raw material and designed to withstand high volume of traffic as well as extreme weather conditions. NEXUS products are manufactured by Specialized/Sigma factories for Steel Products, and distributed by UNITECH for Building and Construction Materials and its affiliates.

SFSP produces NEXUS products in its manufacturing facilities that are spread all over the GCC and MENAP regions.

SFSP is the manufacturing arm of UNITECH for Building and Construction Materials and is part of the IKK Group of Companies.

NEXUS Products Basket

Nexus Expansion Joint Solutions offer a comprehensive ranges of durable Expansion Joint Solutions for a wide array of applications including commercial centers, shopping malls, railway stations, airports, shopping centers, bridges, schools, hospitals, and several other areas of application. Our range of Expansion Joint Solutions are designed to safely absorb the heat-induced expansion and contraction of concrete slabs, to absorb vibration, and to allow movement due to ground settlement or earthquakes. Our variety of expansion joints includes profiles for walls and floor, for pedestrian as well as heavy loads traffic, for seismic movements, and several other uses. Nexus Expansion Joint Solutions include aluminum profiles, rubber profiles, and a combination of aluminum profiles with rubber inserts.

Expansion Joint
Seismic Expansion Joint
Water Proof Expansion Joint


Nexus Fire Barriers

Nexus Fire Barriers for vertical and horizontal expansion joint gaps with minimum movement capacity of 50% of the joint width. Manufactured in accordance with UL-2079 testing requirements.

Nexus Entrance matting systems provides heavy duty entrance mats, composed of aluminium profiles with carpet, brushes or rubber inserts. Nexus offers a variety of entrance matting profiles.

Nexus Profiles provides comprehensive solutions for the construction industry ranging from Wall and Floor Profiles, Tactile Solutions, Stair Nosing, Skirting, etc...

NEXUS Profiles are manufactured from several materials including PVC, Stainless Steel, and Aluminum. Products are available in a variety of colors and finishes to meet the design requirements of multiple projects.

Profiles for Floor & Walls
Channels Strips
Stair Noising
Movement Joint
Tactile Solution
Rubber Gaskets