Drywall & Ceiling Profiles

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Gypsum Boards are considered among the most economic and ideal way for wall partitioning. Easy to install, saves time and money, gypsum boards can be used as a backing for wall treatments such as wall paper, fabric, title and wood paneling or it can simply be painted. SFSP provides a complete product range for drywall and ceiling constructions. Studs, Runners, Furring Channels, Ceiling Channels, and Wall Angles are among the range of products produced according to relevant international standards to service the dry wall installers.

Type of Profiles for Dry Wall:

  • Studs
  • Runners
  • Ceiling Channels
  • Omega Channels
  • Deflection Track
  • Shaft Wall Track

Type of Profiles for Ceiling:

  • Main Ceiling Channel
  • Furring Channelsli
  • Wall Channels