Expanded Metals, Plaster Beads

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Expanded Metals help the formation of joints, protection of corners and resistance against cracks, chips and impact damage. SFSP manufactures in accordance with below standards:

  • BS EN 13658-2:2005
  • ASTM C847-18
  • BS EN 845-3:2013+A1:2016
  • ASTM A951/A951M-16e1

Following is the list of all Expanded Metals manufactured in SFSP:

  • Angle / Micro Angle Bead
  • Plaster / Micro Plaster Stop Bead
  • Control Joint Bead
  • Architrave Bead (With & Without Flange)
  • Movement Bead
  • Aluminum Channel
  • Corner/ Strip Mesh
  • Metal Sheet / Coil / Metal Rib / Hy-Rib Lath