HDG Facilities

SFSP has an in-house state of the art Hot-Dip Galvanization facility, which permits a full control of the quality of its finished products, offering better services to our clients globally.

Technical Services:

A crucial factor in the job of a factory is to provide continuous technical services and consultations. That’s why SFSP has invested in a professional team of researchers and specialists.

SFSP has recruited brilliant graduates and experienced engineers having the appropriate knowhow on the on latest technology changes and development in the steel building materials industry.

The product range is developed and updated according to the relevant standards of fabrication across markets, whilst the business processes are evaluated to achieve maximum efficiency.

SFSP R&D core objectives

  • Carry out responsibilities effectively in a safe and healthy work environment.
  • Develop and implement research programs relevant to the products and solutions introduced and ensure that the results are communicated clearly in-house and among the clients , concisely and accurately.