Steel Lintel & Block Work Accessories

Steel Lintels

L-Angle SlotedHead End Options

Ladder TypeBlock Reinforcement

UML 100/50Channel Lintels

L-Angle HoleHead End Options

Truss TypeBlock Reinforcement

UML 100/75Channel Lintels

PlainHead End Options

AccessoriesBlock Reinforcement

UML 150/50Channel Lintels

PlainHead End Options

Pullout BoxBlock Reinforcement

UML 150/75Channel Lintels

RCH / SCH ChannelHead End Options

UML 200/50Channel Lintels

CCH ChannelHead End Options

UML 200/75Channel Lintels

DCH ChannelHead End Options

UML 250/50Channel Lintels

Bolt Screw FixingHead End Options

UML 250/75Channel Lintels

3 HolesTail End Options

Lintels Brackets

Turned DownTail End Options

Split TieTail End Options

PlainTail End Options

Returned Z Tail End Options

Plain with pinTail End Options

Plain 1 HoleTail End Options

Plain 3 HolesTail End Options

CorrugatedTail End Options

FishtailedTail End Options

FishtailedTail End Options

DowelTail End Options

Split TangTail End Options

Turned DownTail End Options

FishtailedTail End Options

PlainTail End Options

DripShank Options

Double TwistShank Options

Half TwistShank Options

Full TwistShank Options

PlainShank Options

DimpledShank Options

Full TwistShank Options

Half TwistShank Options

PinShank Options

Block Ties Frame CrampsCramps and Ties

Block Tie Fish TailedCramps and Ties

Three Hole Wall TieCramps and Ties

DCHDove Tail (TWA)

CCHDove Tail (TWA)

AWTAdjustable Wall Tie

ButterflyCavity Wall Ties

Wire TiesDouble Triangle Wall Tie

Block TieDebonding Cavity

Flat TieDebonding Control Joints

Hammer-On Section

R2-Type Wire TieHammer-On Section

Z-Type Wire TieHammer-On Section

Wire TiesButterfly Wall Tie

Internal Head RestraintCeiling Type

Angle SupportCeiling Type

PTRAPartition Top Rod Anchors

SureTie for Steel

Rebar Positioners

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