Health and Safety

The Factory Management regard the health and safety of the employees, clients and all others that may be affected by their operations to be of major importance.

In support of this, the management promotes health and safety throughout the Factory’s operations and endeavour to engender a positive attitude in all employees
towards the prevention of accidents and maintenance of healthy working arrangements.

The Factory satisfies the requirements of the Health, Safety and related legislation by setting out the responsibilities of all levels of staff and the arrangements
for carrying out those responsibilities and in particular do what is reasonably practicable to:

1. Maintains safe & healthy working conditions.

2. Ensures that all facilities and equipment are safe and properly maintained.

3. Provides products that can be applied and used safely and without risk to health.

4. Provides and maintain working procedures, that are safe and without risk to health, throughout the its operations in respect of:
• The use, handling, storage, transports and disposal of materials and substances.
• The use of factory equipment.
• Potential emergency situations, including first aid, fire and escape of substances.

5. Ensure the competence of employees.

The factory is an OHSAS 18001:2007 Occupational, Health and Safety Management certified Factory.

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