Cable Trays & Accessories

1000Straight Connector

Bend 45°

1010Angle Connector

1020Angle Connector

1030Angle Connector

1040Expansion Connector

Bend 90°

1050Adjustable Connector

1060Horizontal Adjustable Connector

1070Aluminum Horizontal Adjustable Connector

1080Joint plate - Fish plate

1090End plate

2000Drop-out plate


2100Crimping Type Copper

Outside Riser Bend 45°

2200Tinned Copper Flexible Braids

3000, 3100Cable tray cover

3200Cable tray cover with locking clamp

INSIDE Riser Bend 45°

Outside Riser Bend 90°

INSIDE Riser Bend 90°

Reducer - 50

Reducer - 75

Reducer - 100

Tee Branch

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